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Our 2022 Summit! - August 24th to September 7th

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

You are invited to the annual Magical Mystery Tour, brought to you by the People’s Consultants, Mayan Power and Light, the Rotary e-Club of Lake Atitlan, and Agua del Pueblo. We will pick you up at the Guatemala City airport on August 24th and return you to the airport on September 7th . The tour will include:

  • A meet and greet at Sanik-Ya and Chitulul, in San Lucas Toliman.

  • Visits to Mayan and Power Light (MP&L) projects with the MP&L founder, Mr. John Barrie,

  • A presentation by Dr. Paul Wise, the Richard E. Behrman Professor of Child Health and Society and Professor of Pediatrics and Health Policy at Stanford University,

  • A visit to one or two more AdP projects, and

  • Maybe even an invitation to AdP 50th anniversary celebration in Quetzaltenango on August 5th.

Please reserve your place SOON. We are almost sold out! The cost including all in-country transportation, room, and board will be less than $2,000. Any excess revenue will go to future projects. Contact Bruce Clemens ( to reserve your seat!

VIva la Lucha del Pueblo,


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