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Thank You!

Thank you all for a great 2021 for the People’s Consultants (aka Agua del Pueblo - USA)! Thanks to your generous contributions we had a memorable year and accomplished the following:


  • We completed our second Rotary Global Grant (Nuevo Progreso and Chocol, Santa Lucía Utatlan) and began our next (Chuijomil, Santa Lucia Utatlan, and Chuiti Estancia, San Andres Semetabaj).   

  • We also continued our largest commitment to date: to ensure the health of Lake Atitlan. We are only going to reach this goal with your help. The increase in deleterious biological and chemical discharge into the Lake has continued. While some argue the buffering capacity is intact, most would rather be safe then sorry. Well intentioned scientists killed Atitlan’s younger sister: Lake Amatitlan.  

  • Take the pledge to prevent Lake Atitlan from becoming another Lake Amatitlan. Join Agua del Pueblo, the Rotary Club of Panajachel, the People’s Consultants, and Mil Milagros to slow the degradation of one of the most beautiful and productive Lakes in the World!

  • The only way to ensure the quality of the Lake is to provide sustainable water and especially sanitation for each of the 400,000 living in the watershed. It costs approximately $100 to treat each inhabitant’s waste in Lake Atitlan’s Watershed. Thus $100 will ensure that we can sustainably treat the waste of one of the 400,000 Mayans, Ladinos, and Foreigners living in the watershed. Please sponsor a village of 1,000 for $100,000; an extended family of 20 for $2,000 or a family of six for $600.

It is through your generous support that we are able to achieve this meaningful work in Guatemala and help improve the lives of so many deserving individuals. ​

Please click on the donate button below to support our mission and proclaim:​

Viva la Lucha del Pueblo (Long live the struggle to right the past injustices)

Thank you for all you do!


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