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Killer Meeting and Agreement

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Greetings all,

We had a killer meeting this morning. The attendees included: Arq Julio Marales, the head of the Mission’s construction office; Ing. Artiro Ujpan, of Engineers Without Borders; Ing. Carla Cua lead technical team at AdP; , Ing. Carlos Simon, the AdP Director; Arq Veronica Castro, the sub-director of the Mission‘s construction project; Technico Salvador-Alfredo Jacinto-Pablo, y Don Andres Chajil. The San Lucas Mission is back into water and sanitation. Allelujah. The mission has its sights on six communities. The highest priority include San Juan El Mirador & the highest sector of La Provedencia. The taxi squad includes Tierra Santa, Pampojila, and if the conflict is over, Xejuyub.

Carlos made the offer that AdP could help in one of two capacities. AdP could take complete lead in any of the individual projects; OR AdP would lead all of the social responsibilities and sanitation, while Engineers Without Borders would take the lead in the design and construction of the water projects. Julio will caucus with his team to decide which option to accept.

We discovered that Carla did her final university project on Pampojila. We spoke extensively about the civil war and the risk leaders took during those days. Ing. Ujpan shared that his father was kidnapped and went missing (desaparicido) when he was still in the womb.

From left to right in the photos: Salvador Jacinto, Veronica Castro, Carlos Simon, Julio Morales, Andres Chajil, Bruce Clemens, Arturo Ujpan and Carla Cua.

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