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Guatemalan Summit - Let’s do it again!


I almost forgot to write about our Summit this summer in Guatemala.  I hope we can convince you to join us in a future

one.  Summits are the best way to get to know Agua del Pueblo from the inside.  This summer’s summit was special for me because four college students from my old fraternity joined us!

It’s so much better when we have a diversity of ages.  Why not bring your daughter or son?  It can be incredibly eye-opening for anyone who has not spent time in the developing world.

I’ve heard many students and summiteers remark “Bruce, some of these people don’t have running water, and they are as happy as we are”.  Indeed, it can be a very valuable experience.  Here’s a video of this summer’s summit:

Please let me know if you have any interest.  It’s best to take a bunch to keep the costs down.  Seven Americans fill up a van, but far more can benefit from the experience.  

Please contact me if you are at all interested - (864)423-5559 or


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