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2023 is almost a wrap


The People’s Consultants aka Agua del Pueblo-USA celebrated our 51st anniversary this year. Yep, I’ve been in the game since the inception. The People’s Consultants (tPC) and Agua del Pueblo (AdP) have been a huge part of my professional career, indeed a huge part of my life. Looking back at those 51 years, I am humbled by AdP’s accomplishments. Who would have thought that we would have been able to help 1,000 communities complete sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) projects, benefitting more than 500,000 rural Guatemalans?

2023 was another banner year. Here’s some of the stuff we did:

  • Helped AdP/Guatemala secure a US Agency for International Development (USAID) grant to build capacity for communities in Huehuetenango and Quiché.

  • Partnered with the Rotary Club of Lake Atitlan, we inaugurated a WASH project in Chuijomil, Santa Lucia Utatlan, and have completed 95% of the WASH project in Chuti Estancia, San Andres Semetabaj

  • Hosted a trip to Guatemala with Cornell University students to learn about AdP. We hope to continue working with these students.

  • Assembled a Proposal for a “Program of Scale” grant from Rotary International.

  • Completed preliminary social and engineering studies for Panimaquip, San Martin, and Tierra Santa in San Lucas Toliman.

  • Helped Rotary International revise guidance on global grants for WASH projects.

You and other generous donors made this possible. Our more than deserving beneficiaries, thank you for your support. However, I need to ask for more. Every $100 tax-deductible contribution will provide sustainable potable water and sanitation for one Guatemalan for the rest of their lives!

Please email or call me if I can provide any additional information. We hope you will help us again. Remember, we have NO paid employees. Everyone, including the Board, serves as volunteers. And the projects are not “giveaways”. A rece

nt community donated more than 15,000 person-days of volunteer labor!

Bruce Clemens Ph.D. P.E.


Board of Directors

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