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Sanik-Ya is Prospering!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

One of recent projects brought potable water to the villages of Sanik’‘ Ya and Chitulul. The Agua del Pueblo methodology fell on a fallow field. Development is sprouting everywhere.

The leading member of the water committee, Edwin Palomino, has opened a yogurt, cheese and butter concession in San Lucas. I claim yogurt afficionadism based on my daily diet for the past 40 years. This stuff is awesome! As good as anything I’ve tried commercially anywhere on the planet..

The San Carlos University program that gave San Lucas Sayra Cabrera and Agua del Pueblo its name has come up huge once again. The latest student is helping Sanik’ Ya and Chitulul develop in many ways. The student is working on a bio-gas digester and improved sanitation infrastructure. The university will also provide 23 individual water filters.

One more story for the day. Furman university not only raised more money than Rotary, but invited Oscar Pic, the former two-term mayor of San Lucas, as an adjunct lecturer. As a thank you to Furman, Oscar arranged to complete road access. The community also successfully petitioned for electricity.

Once a donor steps forward to purchase a small plot of land, the Guatemalan department of education will establish a local school. What an incredible cost-effective investment!

From top to bottom: 1. Two of Edwin’s yogurt flavors in front of the shrine to Greg Schaffer, founder of AdP; 2. Edwin’s plain yogurt; 3. Dedication plaque for the mayor’s gift to Furman University; 4. New Sanik’ Ya welcome sign.

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