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My Last Day in San Lucas

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I’m getting really nostalgic on my last day in San Lucas. Many things have changed but many things have stayed the same. Sure, the Tuk Tuks are a hazard in the roads, you see umbrellas (I never remember seeing an umbrella in San Lucas), but a killer coffee shop sprang up. I did NOT ask for this Latte, they did it on their own! The other major difference is the changing of the guard. Tomas Castro’s daughter is an architect, as is Julio Morales’. Marcus Tun has a physician son. These are the leaders of the new Parroquia.

However, the beauty, the welcoming greetings of ‘buenos dias’, and ‘que le vaya bien’ ring just as loud. The lake is as low as I’ve seen it. The municipality has begun drilling a water well on our cherished campo de foot, and is completing a system of sanitary (not waste water yet) system!

Clockwise from upper left: 1. A view from my $15 a dat hotel room; 2. The Atitlan and Toliman volcanoes, backdrop for all stuff San Lucas; 3. A view of the Lake from the nicest hotel ($60 a night) - Hotel Toliman; The construction of the new storm water facility

You gotta come ‘home’ before we all croak! San Lucas is a special place! I will never forget it!

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