Featured Projects

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded Agua del Pueblo and Global Communities a five-year grant to work in the departments (states) of Alta Verapaz, Huehuetenango, and Quiche.  The program will also improve governance of local and central level Water and Sanitation (WASH) systems.  We will also improve national and local government policies, plans, regulations, standards, budgets, and processes.  AdP will be allocated $5,000,000 to build sustainable water supply and sanitation systems.

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This project provided water for a future home of 100 families.  The owners of the land were unable to live on their land because water was a kilometer away and 200 meters below in elevation.  The owners were forced to rent property in San Lucas Toliman without potable water and sanitation.  The water is running and includes a SunSpring filter that filters contaminants to 1 micron.  Even most viruses are larger than a micron.  The students of Furman University, Rotary clubs from San Jose and Watsonville CA and the People’s Consultants paid the bills.  

Recently Completed: Phase 1 of our Save the Laske Program

Santa Lucia Utatlan – The first phase of the Atitlan watershed Program

This project provided potable water and sanitation to Nuevo Progreso.  We will also provided sanitation in Chocol.  We retrofitted all the latrines to allow flushing.  Sedimentation and bacteriological processes treat the wastewater.  The liquid effluent will be used in agricultural.  The project is being funded by Rotary International and four rotary clubs in three states: MN, CA and SC.

Phase 2 of our Save the Lake Program: 

Chuitzam and Chuiti Estancia

This project focuses on Chuitzam in Santa Lucia Utatlan and Chuiti Estancia in San Andres Semetabaj in the Department of Solola.  This is a $200,000 effort for sanitation and water work in the upper elevations of the Lake Atitlan watershed.  Again, the goal is to clean Lake Atitlan.  We are starting on the highest elevation in the watershed and working our way down.  Providing water and Sanitation to the 400,000 residents in the watershed will cost $40 million.  We have a long way to go.