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Dr. Sayra Cabrera II

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Dr. Sayra Cabrera II
Dr. Sayra Cabrera II

One more glorious day in San Lucas. We took sample at the three SunSprings. Salvador-Alfredo Jacinto-Pablo (Salva) explained how he had uncovered the algae problem. Licda Quimica-Biologo Magda Teresa C. Flores López (Teresa), the director of ATITLAB in Panajachel confirmed Salva’s theories.

Teresa explained that when water is subjected to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, algal growth increases. Teresa explained how the Salva Vida Corporation uncovered a similar finding. Bottom line, even after ultra filtration, a water system must add chlorine to ensure minimal microbiological growth. Filtering alone, even to the level of 0.02 microns, will not ensure that biological growth will not contaminate water supply.

Edwin Palomino, the leader of the Sanik’ Ya community, introduced me to Ms. Yesica Roldan, a social worker in her last year in the school of social work in San Carlos University. San Carlos and the Municipality of San Lucas assigned Yesica to Sanik’ Ya. Yesica has committed to raise funds to purchase Eco-filters for every family in Sanik’ Ya. She has enlisted her colleagues who lead a rock group. The group is scheduling a benefit concert in Xela! Yesica is in the same program that brought Dra. Sayra Cabrera to Pampojila. Sayra first chose the name Agua del Pueblo.

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