Provide a full scholarship to a 'barefoot' engineer.  AdP has successfully trained more than 100 Rural Water Technicians.  No need to squander professional engineers to design a water project.  Someone who speaks Mayan languages can design a better project!  Scholarships start at $2,000.  Employ your expert for the project of your choice for a bit more.


Provide water and Sanitation for a school for less than $10,000.  We are working to supply water and sanitation for all of with Mil Milagros Schools in Lake Atitlan's watershed. 



Make donations on behalf of your Employer.  Please have your development director contact Michael Gresalfi at or (202) 302-5179

Volunteers have spent more than 100,000 days making Agua del Pueblo possible.  We welcome interns and volunteers.  Please join our mailing list and contact us.  Thank you...

How Donations are Used

100% of all new donations will be used to fund projects in Guatemala, with the sole exception of donations for which the donor has explicitly authorized us to do otherwise. We can do this because our U.S. operation is run by a group of unpaid volunteers, and our administrative and fundraising expenses, such as preparing the video that is on this website and attending conferences to learn and to publicize our work, are covered by donors who explicitly state that their donations may be spent to cover administrative expenses. Either type of donation will do a great deal of good: donations that go 100% to Guatemala directly assist poor villagers to obtain safe water and sanitation, while donations that go towards our administrative expenses have a multiplier effect, helping to bring in additional donations.