Help us solve the global water crisis one village at a time

Yep, you heard it correctly, we are the OLDEST NGO focused on water, sanitation, and community development in the freaking WORLD - and this is where it all began - San Lucas Toliman

Our Mission

The People’s Consultants aka Agua del Pueblo USA, will provide transparent, objective and cost-effective service to rural Guatemalans. We will strive to objectively evaluate our projects over the long term after completion. We will share these results with the intention of helping other NGOs, government agencies, donors and communities to improve levels of potable water supply and sanitation. We will follow effective methodologies to provide potable water and sanitation to help build healthy, sustainable communities. We will help to bridge the gap between funding agencies and projects needing additional financial resources.  Contributors can also earmark donations to advance human rights, the welfare of refugees and disadvantaged or persecuted minorities, justice, international development, and/or peace, anywhere in the world.


Founded in 1972 by a team of young, international volunteer civil, environmental, mechanical, industrial and nuclear engineers; architects; sociologists and economists.  Their Pollyannaish goal was to address poverty among the poorest of the poor.  Your help has made their dream a reality for more than 500,000 poor Guatemalans.

Our History

People's Consultants News

  • Check out one of our most recently completed projects, Sanik Ya and Chitulul on the projects page, click the projects button below!

  • Two of our board members visited various Agua del Pueblo projects shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic, but we have been unable to do so again since then because of Covid-19 restrictions. Guatemala has been hit hard by the pandemic, but AdP has nonetheless managed to continue to bring water and sanitation to rural communities.  Our next visit is planned for the last weeks of July and beginning of August.